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Organizational Analysis

Whether you are a small start-up company or a well-
established organization, ISE Consulting is uniquely trained
and equipped to analyze the health of your organization and
help it become more efficient (doing things right) and
effective (doing the right things). Proven tools are used to
determine gaps between current and desired performance.
This results in business growth and improved profitability.

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Metrics Development

Measuring performance is key to organizational success.
ISE Consulting offers the expertise to help you understand
how to methodically develop and monitor metrics in order
to track progress toward accomplishment of goals
and objectives.

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Strategic Planning

ISE Consulting works with clients to clarify the
organization’s vision, mission, goals, objectives, and
day-to-day activities. This assures organizational
alignment, and confidence that the organization
understands its competitive advantage.

What We Do

ISE Consulting is designed to provide consulting services for business, government, and educational institutions. The lead consultant is equipped with 7 years of consulting experience, 15 years senior leadership experience, and a PhD in Organizational Leadership. Multiple PhD-level consultants in the local area have partnered with ISE to provide additional expertise as needed.

The company is an organizational development firm that helps organizations manage change through strategic planning, leadership training, and organizational diagnosis. ISE Consulting has the flexibility to respond quickly to customer needs, focus intensely on the task, and provide well-researched, practical solutions. Typical products include: strategic plans, briefings, and concept/research papers. The company has a proven track record of successfully matching organizational goals and available resources with solutions to improve organizations.

Mission Statement

Use proven tools to provide tailored consulting services to improve both organizational efficiency (doing things right) and effectiveness (doing the right things). Develop future leaders through teaching and mentoring.

Vision Statement

Apply organizational analysis tools to produce improved performance with a foundation of integrity, service, and excellence.

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