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Brig. Gen. Dick Abel (USAF Retired) | Leadership is All About People | Founder and CEO

“Joe Shirey has been a close friend for many years. I have observed him at home, in the Air Force, in the corporate world, in communities and in church. Without a doubt he is a man of character, integrity, discipline conviction and even love. Highly respected and reliable, Dr [Colonel] Shirey, is a person who influences everyone he meets. His operational skills and strategic planning ability are in great demand across the spectrum of our society.”

Thomas L. Richards | Triquetra Technologies, Inc. (T2) | CEO and President

“I am pleased to offer my endorsement of Dr. Joe Shirey as a Leadership Development coach and mentor…

“My business experience with Joe began in earnest in January of 2014. The Department of Defense was in the midst of a complete drawdown of military personnel. The majority of our business was involved in activities associated with this drawdown and so its impact was already affecting our bottom line. The company needed someone who could help us transition our business to be less dependent on overseas operations. As I pondered the predicament we were in Joe quickly rose to the top of my list of people who could assist. I contacted Joe to ask him for his availability and help. He responded immediately and made a quick study of our organization and then made appointments with our planning staff. Joe guided us through a series of very thorough planning sessions which resulted in some major shifts in the focus and direction of our company. We were expecting limited results to appear for several months and were surprised how quickly we picked up new business. We were nothing short of ecstatic. In this strategic planning process we became more diversified and more profitable. Joe’s impact to our company could be felt in just a matter of months and we were well on our way… He did not know our core business nor our organization; and yet within a very short time he transformed it into a well-organized machine.

“Joe is a very capable leader and coach who has the ability to solve complex business challenges and implement concrete and sustainable solutions in a short time. He thinks and acts like a CEO and at the same time he can put an organizational analysis and strategic plan together…”

Bob Fitzgerald | BOSH Global Services | CEO and Founder

“Joe Shirey was a God-send. He came to me at precisely the right moment in our business growth trajectory. We were a small startup business preparing to enter ‘no man’s land,’ where we knew we needed to make some significant changes to keep growing – or at least keep from collapsing. We needed to re-structure from the top down. We just didn’t know how. Joe’s expertise and experience helped effectively guide our company to a position of sustainable growth and profitability. As a regular participant in our executive offsite meetings over several years, Joe provided organizational and leadership mentorship and helped us develop methodologies and metrics that would help us maintain our growing market position for years to come. I cannot thank God or Joe enough for the service he provided BOSH – a true servant leader.”

Maj. Gen. Charlie Lyon (USAF Retired) | Former Air Combat Command, Director of Operations (A3)

“You’ve heard the Congress and DoD discussing the current state of military readiness.  The dialog began in 2011 away from Washington, D.C., prior to the budget control act enactment, when Joe Shirey came forward to highlight the declining readiness state of the USAF’s combat air forces.  Joe led the effort to build the analytic framework and methodologies that resulted in objective measurements for the Air Force to quantify how far high-end combat skills had atrophied over the past decade. Joe’s analysis gave the Commander of Air Combat Command and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force confidence to express their readiness concerns to Congressional defense committees.  Let me tell you, people had their head in the sand about this problem…but Joe stepped forward, coalesced a team of disparate functional experts, and brought the challenge into focus. Who are the beneficiaries of Joe’s skills and determination?  The Airmen who suit up every day to defend our nation from others who would do us harm if we failed to maintain full-spectrum combat capabilities.”

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